Master Data Governance from a Business Perspective

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September 7, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Master Data Governance from a Business Perspective

Master Data Consolidation and Central Governance

Market leaders are moving to digital business to capture emerging opportunities in real time. Intelligent enterprises use their data assets effectively to achieve the desired outcomes faster – and with less risk. To regulate the lifeblood of a new IT landscape, organizations need a rigorous system of master data governance for seamless integration and quality control.

60% of big data and advanced analytics
initiatives fail and

40% business initiatives don’t meet
their objectives due to poor data quality

Master Data Governance supports master data consolidation and central governance scenarios in a single application. You can eliminate data silos by consolidating master data stored and maintained in SAP soft-ware and third-party sources. You can process master data from cloud and on-premise sources, standardize it, and detect duplicates and put them in match groups. For each match group, the application builds a best record using fields from multiple source records based on survivorship rules. You can then replicate the validated best records back into the transactional applications or to a data warehouse to help improve business process efficiency and business analysis.

The application supports centralized creation and maintenance of master data. This helps automate governance by controlling data quality at the point of authorship. By integrating data governance into business processes, you can help ensure that duplicate checks and field validations are performed before a new record is created. Standardized and automated workflow routing and notification help ensure participation from the right people at the right time, and they increase overall productivity. Version control and an audit history improve transparency and help ensure policy and regulatory compliance. In addition, role-based data access helps enforce security policy, even on mobile devices.

With Master Data Governance, you can gain a single, trusted view of your data and address digital, analytical, and operational challenges head on:

  • Drive data consistency across your enterprise by consolidating and managing master data across the business, whether information is exchanged and accessed in SAP or third-party solutions
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of business processes and analytics by automating the task of maintaining and distributing master data, integrating data more tightly, and increasing data quality and consistency
  • Decrease risk and simplify compliance with regulations through a governed master data process with auditable data, data changes, and audit trails
  • Reduce the total cost of owning data when you can support all your master data domains in one application and implement it in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment
Consolidation with SAP Master Data Governance