Data, Your Most Valuable Resource

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September 7, 2020
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September 16, 2020

Data, Your Most Valuable Resource

Data is one of the most valuable resources a company has, so it should be driving decisions at every level of an organization. At the same time, restricted or overly complicated data access is keeping data confined to data specialists. Today’s business users need a flexible solution that will let them leverage data in their day-to-day work. Data Warehousing is an essential part of any data-driven organization. It provides a centralized point of access for high-value data that can be used for reporting, analytics and applications as well.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a complete end-to-end solution that takes care of all your employees’ data needs from integration to modelling and analytics, to minimize the need for ad-hoc solutions. It’s also open so you can connect any third-party tools your employees use and then govern them centrally. No matter the employee’s role or department, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helps you define clear authorizations and assign user roles.

Through SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Spaces. Spaces are isolated environments that allow business users to explore data. In Space Management, IT can set up and quickly adjust each Space’s data connections, user access, and computing/storage quotas. While each Space is isolated, the data remains centrally governed and connected in real-time to the organization’s underlying data. Business users are empowered in their Space to establish connections to new data sources, upload local files, and model data before sharing insights in real-time with other users without affecting the integrity of the underlying data.

Reuse your models and empower business users to connect, model, and visualize data themselves with an intuitive UI and the Business Layer, data is easy to model using either SQL or a graphical drag-and-drop tool.

Source: SAP