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September 7, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Bring business and IT teams together!

Data Visualization and Analytics Software in a single tool

SAP Lumira is designed to meet the self-service data visualization and real-time analysis needs of business users, while enabling technical power users to create more sophisticated analytic applications. As a result, it lets everyone execute with greater agility and with greater focus on core business transformation goals. The unique design of SAP Lumira fosters collaboration between business and power users to accelerate content delivery. Self-service business users can work in the easy-to-use discovery edition of SAP Lumira and publish directly to the SAP BusinessObjects platform.

Alternatively, they can easily pass on their work to power users, who can use the designer edition of SAP Lumira to add sophisticated scripting, actions, and integrations – turning simple stories and visualizations into rich analytic applications.

Both editions are powered by the same runtime engine and file format. This enables rapid prototyping by business users to deliver formal dashboard projects and rapid polishing and promotion of organically generated visualizations. Plus, SAP Lumira addresses the data governance and self-service provisioning needs of IT professionals. This collaborative and accelerated development approach helps your people create and share business insight precisely when and where it’s needed.

Tell the story with self-service data visualization

Lumira, discovery edition is used by key business users who need flexibility to connect to data (usually multiple data sources), shape that data, and create ad-hoc stories with visualizations from all types of data, which others can leverage, build upon, and share.
  • Access data and resources quickly, get started quickly by selecting a data source or previous document and then creating new visualizations or composing multiple visualizations on a storyboard
  • Enable self-service capabilities, gain full control of your data while allowing users to filter the information and empowering authors to create the exact visualization needed to tell the story
  • Let the data tell your story, use a fluid drag-and-drop interface to quickly create eye-catching BI visualizations, compelling data-driven storyboards, and meaningful infographics.

Create analytics applications and dashboards

Lumira, designer edition provides the same UI components as Lumira Discovery and more. Allows you to create interactive, mobile-ready data visualizations for your business dashboards and business intelligence (BI). You can collaborate with your business users and their data stories to enhance application and dashboard design, put actionable information at decision makers’ fingertips, and get the maximum value from your data.