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September 7, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Analyze, Plan and Predict

Analyze, Plan and Predict

SAP Analytics Cloud for planning increases engagement and accuracy when creating plans and budgets in different lines of business, empowers every business area to collaborate in real-time by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes.

Analyze: Sharing Your Story

Allows you to do everything analytic models do, but more since the solution provides more control with your data such as setting up budgets and forecasts, creating your own versions of model data, simplifying data imports and exports, and using spreading, distribution, and allocations features.

Plan: Setting the Strategy

Helps you set goals and strategic plans, analyze the budget and set allocations, and compare budget to actuals to forecast in your financials. The finance executives and FP&A (financial planning and analysis) practitioners collaborate to plan for better business using Value Driver Tree, top-down and bottom-up planning, and sharing private versions in detail.

Predict: Gain Intelligent Insights

Gain deeper insights into the important influencers of your KPIs and forecast your future performance through predictive forecasting features. Harnessing the power of automated machine learning and augmented analytics technology, SAP Analytics Cloud for planning’s variety of user-friendly smart features help you easily make meaningful and strategic business decisions instantly.

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